Best Places To Place Natural Stone Tiles

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Natural stone tiles are becoming more and more popular for many people. With their warm and inviting look, they can provide many homes with a beautiful finish that’s perfect for adding value to their home. For those who are looking to improve the look of their outdoor areas with honed stone tiles, here’s three areas where you can place them for the best effect.

  1. Patio – The patio is the first place where you can place your stone tiles. These tiles not only look great but are strong and durable. When used on these areas you’ll find that they will compliment your patio furniture and create a beautiful finish that will add value to your home. Limestone, travertine and Bluestone are popular choices for outdoor areas.
  2. Walkways – Another area that can benefit from stone tiles is the walkways. Walkways around the home can be highlighted with the installation of intersecting stone designs, circular stepping stones, symmetrical designs, and even a checkerboard look. These stones tiles promote a wonderful affect and can make walking around your home inviting.
  3. Pool – Around the pool is another great place to install stone tiles. These types of tiles can enhance the look of the pool greatly. Don’t forget to find ones that are slip resistant.


Stone tiles such as honed stone tiles can provide outdoor areas with a beautiful finish. By taking the time to understand where you can install them you’ll make your home look beautiful all year round. So are you ready to create a beautiful look around your home.

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Signs That Your Tyres Need Replacing

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Over time tyres can wear from the constant driving that they experience. With this constant driving it’s important to know when your vehicle’s tyres need changing. If you’re unsure, but you want to see the signs, here’s a Mercedes repairs guide to the top things to look for when it comes to changing your tyres.

  1. Tread Wear Bars – On tyres there’s a tread wear bar which is generally seen as a hard rubber that can only be seen when the tread depth goes well past the limit for driving. On most tyres this is 1.6mm and if you see this it’s time to change your tyres.
  2. Uneven Driving – If your vehicle is driving unevenly on a straight road it may mean that your tyres have worn enough to cause a dip in the way the vehicle sits. It’s a good idea to change your tyres if you’re experiencing this.
  3. Tyre Bulging – Bulging tyres are also a sign that the tyre needs replacing. Bulging means the structure of the tyre is compromised. It could lead to a blow out if left on the vehicle.
  4. Flat Tyre – If the tyre’s flat, it’s important to change it immediately. Flat tyres can cause the rim of your car to become damaged which makes fitting a new tyre on a problem. Always change them immediately.


When it comes to tyres, there’s so many different things that you need to be on the lookout for to know that your tyre needs changing. So have you seen any of these warning signs?


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Tiles Vs Carpet: Why Tiles Are Better

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Over the years, many people have been finding out that tiles are a better choice when it comes to flooring. For those who are deciding whether to use tiles or carpet, the following is a guide to benefits of tiles High Wycombe vs carpets. Let’s take a look now.

  1. Easy To CleanTiles are easy to clean and reduce the risk of allergic reactions. This is because they don’t trap dust like carpets can. All you need to do is vacuum and mop, and the cleaning is finished.
  2. Decorative – Due to the expansive designs of tiles available, you’ll find that they can provide a decorative finish. This is great for people who want to have to a new and fresh look. Carpet on the other hand only comes in one colour without patterns most of the time and this can limit your choice of style that you’re going for.
  3. Easy To Install – Tiles are also easy to install and can provide homes with a lovely finish. While carpets are also easy to install they do require a lot more work with the laying of the underlay.


When it comes to choosing tiles or carpets, tiles are a great option that can really enhance the look of a home. By taking the time to find out the benefits of tiles you can really make an informed decision on what ones are the best options for all your needs. So are you ready to tile your home?

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